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Exclusively in KSA | Get rid of colon pain in just one day

Finally, Shake-Off Phyto Fiber is now sold worldwide! With astounding detox effects and great reviews to match it, it’s one of the top competitors for detox drinks due to its brilliant all natural formula, while maintaining a low price for the copious health benefits provided.

What is Shake-Off?

Shake-Off, by Edmark, is a 100% natural Phyto Fiber health drink that’s optimal for activities such as detoxification, colon cleansing, energy boosting, weight loss promotion, and cholesterol reduction. It has no side effects, and combined with drinking enough water, will lead to the aforementioned health benefits, leaving the user feeling both refreshed and energetic, while cleansing their body of harmful toxins, parasites, and chemicals.

What are the Ingredients in Shake-Off?

The active and all-natural ingredients found in the Shake-Off Phyto Fiber drink are few in

number, they are:

  • Oats, which absorb cholesterol and have colon cancer preventing properties.

  • Roselle, which is a plant in the hibiscus family that is rich in Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and has anti-oxidant properties.

  • Garcinia Cambogia, which is a tropic fruit native to Indonesia that has appetite suppressing qualities, while speeding up the body’s metabolism.

  • Inulin, a prebiotic that is a planetary energy sources and digestive booster.

  • added Plant Fibers. Due to the few and organic ingredients, Shake-Off has NO side effects and is safe for everyone to use whether they’re different in age, or have special medical needs such as diabetics.

The biochemistry of these ingredients mainly promote colon-cleansing and detoxification, but other health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and boosting energy are found, making Shake-Off one of the top health drinks to be found, especially for the amount of value received for its price. This drink will prevent Coprostasis (hardening of bowels in the digestive system), and prevent/fight against colon cancer.

How is Shake-Off Used?

This fast, affordable, and effective drink can be made in the same way as a cup of tea, combined with drinking enough water daily, results and positive effects can be found in as little as eight hours after the first drink. The metabolism is stimulated, cholesterol is brought down, the body is nourished, complexion is improved, and expulsion of harmful waste is stimulated.

Final Statement

Edmark’s Shake-Off Phyto Fiber drink, has been met with positive reviews worldwide; looking at the FDA approved ingredient list, the ease of use of the drink, and the low-cost, it’s no wonder why. Now sold globally in multiple flavors, Shake-Off is making headlines and selling out rather rapidly from online stores, and when a product gives you so much value for its price, it’s understandable and logical for it to do so. Edmark’s Shake-Off formula is top-tier quality on the marketplace, and the reviews and results show that people worldwide agree.

How to use:

  • Shake off box contains 12 sachets

  • Use a bag every day after dinner 3 hours for a week continuously

  • Prepare a 250ml glass or bottle, then pour a shake-off bag and shake well

  • Do not eat after drinking the drink for 3 hours or more

To order the product, please:

  • register your name, number and country

  • You will be contacted by one of our employees

  • Note: Free delivery to all Arab countries

  • 50% off the original price

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