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Matcha Slim- How I Became the Best Version of Myself in a Month’s Time!

Good day, my name is Mary-Anne. I am a 27 year old digital marketer based in Glasgow, England. Today, I’m going to talk about Matcha Slim, a one-of-a-kind all natural miracle drink that has helped me not only lose 16 kilos, but has helped me keep that weight off, along with ridding me of my obnoxious coffee addiction. I owe this drink credit for rapidly changing and eliminating my bad habits in a way that I thought no drink ever could! Matcha Slim is not only for weight loss, I also used it to replace my morning coffee, yet still be provided with the morning energy I need in a much healthier way. I will first talk about that as it segues very nicely into how it helped me lose weight.

So, Matcha Slim is mainly made of Japanese Matcha green tea, this remedy not only delivers caffeine like coffee, but delivers anti-oxidants alongside it; this leads to the positive effects of caffeine such as increased energy and alertness, but none of the downside! Switching to Matcha Slim in the morning curbed my caffeine crashes; I would no longer feel any of the awful symptoms of a coffee comedown such as jittering, elevated anxiety, and irritability, but I still relished all of the positive effects of caffeine that I ever-so necessarily need in the morning to start my day off right. This made me much more efficient than I previously used to be, especially since I didn’t have to keep going back for coffee refills just to avoid a caffeine crash at work.

How did Matcha Slim help me lose weight?

With new found energy and a clear head, I felt lighter on my feet and that something internal was changing. I could’ve sworn that my body was somehow working in a more efficient way, but I figured that this may be a placebo effect because the drink was so tasty that I really wanted to believe it, so I decided to wait it out. I decided not to check my weight until I have been taking Matcha Slim for two weeks, and for those two weeks, I just recorded any feelings I experienced.

Primarily, I noticed that my appetite (especially towards sweets) lessened dramatically, as if my body was burning its stored energy and didn’t require me to indulge in unnecessary eating, especially of unhealthy cravings.

Secondly, my head was clearer, I was calmer when dealing with challenges that would’ve stressed me out before, this is because of the calming effects of Matcha Slim tea in general, and this was incredibly helpful because it even led to me getting better sleep at night. I noticed that I was completely sleeping through nights, getting a full cycle of restful sleep and waking up still feeling fresh. I would wake up full of energy instead of waking up and deciding I needed more rest. I would go for a walk, have the mental capacity to read a book, and still go to work afterwards ready to take on any challenge that I come across.

I continued this way until the two weeks were over, and at that point it was clear to me even before checking the scale that there’s a difference in me that was not only internal, but external; my skin looked healthier and clearer, I saw myself as slimmer, and just overall felt lighter on my feet. So the moment of truth came and I stepped on the scale to see that I lost 8 Kilos! I was so overjoyed and felt like I finally found something that I was missing in my life: a drink that’s not only absolutely delicious, but both good to my body and mind.

Of course, I continued drinking Matcha Slim for another two weeks because I wanted to look as good on the outside as I felt on the inside. By the end of the fourth week, I stepped on the scale again and logged that I have lost 16 kilos in total!

At this point, besides losing the weight, I felt like my internal body processes were also changed too, like my metabolism becoming quicker and using much more energy than before- I realized this was also because of the Matcha, and it helped me keep off the weight, as when I stopped using Matcha Slim I noticed that the weight didn’t come back like what happens with standard diets.

Today, I still drink Matcha Slim because not only did it replace coffee for me, but I absolutely love the taste and always find new amazing ways to brew my tea. I’ve even used Matcha Slim in other recipes such as smoothies and pancakes!

Thank you Matcha Slim for changing my life for the better, I feel like a brand new person, both inside and out!

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