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How Night Comfort Saved My Marriage! One Quiet Night At A Time

Hello there, my name is Talal. I am a 45 year old engineer living in the United Arab Emirates. I recently solved a snoring problem I’ve been dealing with for over 10 years. The solution was so easy that I kicked myself for not trying it before. I have to thank Night Comfort, the one-of-a-kind oral spray for literally saving my marriage.

To give you a little context, I have to take you back to last year, when I got married for the second time. You see, my first marriage didn’t work out because of one small (or so I thought) problem. I have a tendency to snore loudly- it’s a habit that I both have no control over and don’t realize how loud I really am. The built up tension from every restless night literally drove my first wife out of the house, I thought that there was another problem that she wouldn’t tell me about, because I figured “why would she leave for a reason as simple as that?” until history began to repeat itself again.

Last year I got married again and everything was perfect, leagues better than the first marriage, until 6 months into the marriage when my second wife, Salwa, told me she’s been putting up with my snoring for 6 months and she can’t take it anymore. I immediately had a flashback to my first marriage, maybe it really ended because of my snoring, but I wasn’t going to repeat history again. For the first month, I tried everything: nose clips, nasal sprays, I even lost weight; nothing helped and my marriage was getting shakier by the night.

One day, my wife came back home from work with a different product, I wasn’t too optimistic that it would work, but she told me that if I don’t try it, we’d have to sleep in different bedrooms. My snoring was that intense! This product was Night Comfort oral spray. She told me that it was all natural, refreshing, and very easy to use. Simply spray twice a day, during the afternoon, and at bedtime right before I sleep.

The first time I tried it, I felt its refreshing peppermint taste. It intrigued me so I wanted to look into the product more. I found that Night Comfort not only reduces puffiness and inflammation in the throat, but has an immediate effect that weakens the sound of snoring, and even helps restore healthier sleep. This is because it’s been discovered that snoring is due to the throat muscles and has nothing to do with the nose or nose bridge. It made so much sense! This is why nose products weren’t doing anything for me! I started to feel optimistic that this product may actually work, so when bedtime came, I sprayed two puffs down my throat and both my wife and I went to bed praying this would be the solution.

The morning after, I was hesitant to look to the other side of the bed, but as soon as I turned my head, I found that my wife was still next to me sleeping peacefully; this was the first good sign. Later when she woke up, she told me that she didn’t wake up to the sound of my snoring a single time! She looked happier after getting a good night’s sleep, and I was happier that she could get her rest.

The next day, I tried it again, and once again, no snoring! Salwa can now sleep comfortably next to me! I was ecstatic that it worked again, and I have nothing but gratitude for Night Comfort.

Thank you Night Comfort for saving my marriage and ridding me of a 10+ year problem that I thought had no solutions, now my wife is happy, and even my sleep is much healthier than before.

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